Opportunity Knocked

Interior Designon July 31st, 20102 Comments

Throughout life most of us seek or dream for THE big opportunity. Often that opportunity passes us by because we are either unready or unwilling. I was both.

After twelve years with a much heralded interior design firm in the regional southwest, one with a fifty year reputation, the economy caught up with me and I was presented with THE opportunity in the middle of January. At first I called THE opportunity…THE lay-off. I loved what I did for a living and I loved where I did it…or so I told all my clients and friends. It was if there had been a divorce, however amicable.

Luckily I was caught up with my husband’s recent open-heart surgery and his up and down recovery. That helped to muddle the pain and the sting of the unknown opportunity. After a week of searching my soul and the classified ads (an exercise a good friend, an occupational therapist, suggested), I was certain that I was neither qualified as a software engineer or suited as a “gentlemen’s” cabaret entertainer. At least I was beginning to see what opportunities I would NOT be pursuing. So what was I to do?

As I contemplated that question one afternoon, I received a call from a former client, one with whom I was doing business before I left my former employer. The voice on the other end made it clear that he did not want to have anything to do with the former employer and wanted only to do business with me. Aha! Here was the clue that I was good at what I did and that my relationships with clients were still viable.

Being the woman who knows that bridges are built to NOT be burned, I suggested that the client talk with that former employer and state his feelings. Two minutes later, the former employer called and an arrangement was made so that I could continue working with my client and any ugliness that can accompany a layoff was averted.

The next day, after seeing an architect friend’s interview on TV expounding on his new-found self- invention, I gave him a call and while speaking with him, I had an epiphany! In the space of two minutes (all the while talking to my friend) I could visualize my new business, my logo, my print material my brand….my whole life. An hour later I had reserved my company name with the AZ Corporation Commission and THE opportunity was realized. Opportunity knocked and I answered with a big “HELLO”!

Later,as I explained my new opportunity to the many vendor friends I have made over the last sixteen years in business, I heard more often than not that many had been waiting for years for me to take advantage of this opportunity before now. What took me so long they all wondered.

Encouragement only emboldened me. “willis + willis interior design llc” was born. Since that time of “birthing”, I have been busier than I could have ever imagined. Opportunities have come knocking like crazy! Now I tell my clients and friends that I love what I do and love even more where I do it. I am here to help whenever my husband feels the need to revisit the hospital…his new-found medical resort…and to help my daughter who is contending with my only granddaughter who also is spending her first days in this world as a three-month early preemie.

Opportunities! All of them! New life, fighting for an existing life and beginning a fresh new business life. This blog will be dedicated to all those looking for new opportunities in their lives, especially in creating new spaces in which to live those lives. Little snippets of my life will be sprinkled in with the design experiences, philosophies and ideas……and new opportunities will be unfolded. Hear that knocking?

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  1. Holly says:

    Love it!!

  2. Kathy Jacobs says:

    Looking good! Eager to see more and learn tips on design ideas.

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