Oregon or Bust

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This morning I received a call with the most wonderful news…and Oregon may be in my future!

A former client with whom I have done both personal and previous hospitality work called to say that his clients loved the working drawings I had proposed for an old generator shed that will be remodeled into a new rental cottage…one that we shall now fondly call “The Shed”.  I had been on-site two weeks ago to meet the family developing the project and to interview with them.  Can I tell you I fell in love with scenery that defies description?…but don’t tell my son-in-law because he would love to move there in an Oregon minute and taking my grandbabies there is not up for discussion, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway, “The Shed” is only a mere small part of a larger world-class destination golf resort…one that has the capacity to be ranked in the top 10 in the world…WORLD people!  The golf course itself  is now under construction with the first three holes being logged before they are shaped.  This scenic course will be played right at the ocean’s edge with three or four of the holes being played out over the ocean of the rugged southern Oregon coast.  Beeeeeeeeeeuuuuutiful!

"The Shed" at Crook Point Resort

"The Shed" at Crook Point Resort

Now for those who believe that being an interior designer means having a glamour job, I’m here to tell you that there is NO GLAMOUR in poison ivy!…which was growing through the walls of The Shed and all around it.  Measuring the interior took some delicate calculations to miss touching the stuff and I thank Grant Hornbeak for his help!  Taking mental and digital pictures for color references has helped to pull materials together for the interiors…more on this in upcoming blog postings.  The color and textures of both ocean and beach are truly inspirational and will be fun translating into furnishings and accessories as this project goes along.  We will define the bold Oregon Coastal “look” for this project based on the organic colors and textures available on this site.

This is one way to approach a project…especially in Arizona (or Oregon); “How can we translate the exterior into the interior?”  Looking at colors surrounding a project..including sunsets or sunrises or the flora that sits outside the windows.  This allows for an easy transition flow inside/outside for that indoor to outdoor feel…enlarging your spaces to live outside as well as inside.  As we downsize, outdoor rooms are becoming more important so why not take advantage of any of the space you have, even if it is outdooors!

OK, now back to work getting that contract hammered out so that I can be a part of this wonderful opportunity!  Again…no glamour in paperwork, either.

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